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Founded in 2002 our restaurant is here to offer you a variaty of shish kebabs, fresh-cut salads, famous rice pilaf and so much more. We have been often asked by our customers what kind of food is it that we serve, or even more often what country this cousine coming from. So the answer is little more complicated than the question. This food doesn't come from one specific country, moreover it comes from a lot of countries.

Try Borcsht soup, that was first cooked few centuries ago on the territory of modern Ukraine; or take Lagman soup, which is still national dish of Uyghur and Dungan nations; what comes to the mind first when we hear "Pelmeni"? - it is Russia, we would say Siberia to be specific. Let's not forget about Pliaf. Well, that's the most favorite and prouded of dish of Uzbek people, who even have their different cooking styles, depending on the part of the country. What about Dolma? Well people of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey have their own styles of cooking it and it is still unclear what country it came from first. Israeli salad, hummus, babbaghanoush are the main appetizers in the Middle East and who there doesn't love a fresh meat of lamb and veal, grilled on the charcoal, so it keeps its' juice and tenderness. And, finally, let's s conclude with classic Cheburek - a fried turnover filled with minced meat and onions, which was first cooked by Crimean Tatars and still remains a street food in many countries of former USSR territory.

We know this sounds more like a Geography lecture rather than food description, but hopefully this gives you a better understanding of this cousine, you are now in treat to try. We are happy to welcome you in our restaurant and hope you enjoy it as much we enjoy serving you.

Stay safe and have a nice meal.

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